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your bnb management specialists

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Cape Town's #1 bnb management service... at your service

Air Bnb Management Cape Town
Simple & Easy
We make BNB management as simple and pain free as possible. We know how painful maintenance and late night check-ins, broken appliances and guest communication can be.

Our team of experts manages your entire business from bookings, cleaning and check-ins, to maintenance and customer transportation and support. With over Two years of experience and hundreds of 5 star reviews, we know what is best for your bnb business!
Bed and Breakfast Management Cape Town
Our mission is to create an amazing experience for your guests. From the moment they arrive at the airport to their last goodbyes, we are there every step of the way. We meet every guest personally (no key pickups!) and show them around your amazing apartment. We organise car rental and transportation, create personal gift packages and answer to their every need, while you can relax and enjoy the show! Still want to use it yourself? No problem. Many clients fear that they will have to give up their home completely. You still have full access to your home at your hearts desire!
Air Bnb Management Specialists
Financially sound
This is where things get really cool! We build you a full financial report, showing exactly what the return is on your investment… all included in the management fee. There are many ways to run a bnb, every bnb is different and therefore require different approaches. Our team of financial experts analyse and optimise your business so that you can still experience the profits you deserve, while optimising expenditure and retaining great reviews
For you… and your guests. The last thing we want you to worry about is the safety of your home and belongings. We stalk! And make sure every guest is the perfect match for your apartment. We respect your home like it is our own, and make sure your guests do too. We educate them on the safety and security of your home and surroundings, and make sure they leave it as amazing as when they arrived.


This covers the management of your Airbnb profile as well as a full financial report. We communicate with your guests and organise the cleaning, laundry, check-in and outs. We restock your apartment to give that extra special touch, and take care of all the hassles, so you don't have to. This also includes a full financial report with trend forecasts and profitability metrics so you know exactly how your business is doing financially.
Cape Town Air BnB Management

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